ChickenGuard All-in-One


The new All-in-One ChickenGuard. Simply pop in the batteries, screw the unit to the front of your coop and your girls will be safely kept inside when the sun goes down, and let out when it rises, No strings – no worries!

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ChickenGuard All-in-One

Every little detail has been thought of, from the ability to remove the contral panel to the uber-durable alumininum anti-scratch door threshold. This All In One was build to last.


Setup Easy as 1-2-3

Insert Batteries

Screw To Coop

Auto-Calibrate Door

Super-Fast Shipping

2-7 days worldwide shipping

Lifetime Customer Support

From The ChickenGuard Team

3 Year Warranty

A Long Warranty On Our ChickenGuards.


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