Example Door Setup


When using pulleys, please always ensure that the motor is not lifting more than it’s maximum rated weight capacity.  You will also need to take into consideration the effect of friction, as the motor considers this to be ‘extra weight’.

Please remember, when lifting heavy doors,battery life may be reduced.  We also advice that the energy required to raise a weighted door is the same, no matter how many pulleys are used;however, the door will travel more slowly if more pulleys are employed.

Standard Up-Down Configuartion

Remote Location of Opener

Limited Height Example

For  heavier Doors

Limited Height Alternative

Alternative Remote Location

Coops with Ramp Style Doors

Coops with Ramp Style Doors

Double Door Example

Extra Wide Doors

Strip or Barge Boards

Particularly clever and cunning predators?

We recommend placing a strip or barge board on the bottom of the door runners, to help preventsuper-smart predators from opening the door.