Classic Door Kit


Designed to significantly reduce the snagging that can occur when trying to open a coop door.

– Aluminium door and English oak runner kit
– Door Size: 30cm x 40cm/12 x 16inch
– Runner Length: 60cm/24inch

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Classic Door Kit

What is a Classic Door Kit?

We have specifically designed the Classic Door Kit to maximise smooth and safe operation for our Door Opening units, and to ensure the protection of your chickens isn’t compromised.

The runners are handcrafted from American white oak chosen for it’s superior strength & durability in inclement elements.

The runners will last between 8 & 10 years without treatment, but for added longevity and aesthetics, applying a clear wood lacquer will bring out the detail of the beautiful white oak.

The pre-drilled runners are supplied with 6 stainless steel screws, as they won’t rust. Neither will brass screws, if you prefer those visually.

The aluminium door has a pre-drilled hole for attaching the ChickenGuard cord, and is designed to ensure smooth operation within the runners to prevent the door sticking.

Need Some Help With Your Door Kit?

Maybe Ben Can Help!?

ChickenGuard’s very own creator, Ben, has created a useful setup video, which might help, or if you prefer some good old ‘step by step’ guidance, we have a couple of options for you below. We encourage you to check these out thoroughly before contacting our team, so that we can give you the appropriate help. Thank you.

Why The Classic Door Kit?

A few reasons why our customers love the Wooden Door Kit.


Stylish Oak Runners

Stylish oak wooden runners, ideal for your wooden coop


Tough & Durable

Tough, durable and long lasting


Made In UK

Lovingly hand crafted in Cambridge, UK


Large Door

Ideal for those larger pop holes

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